4 Key Enablers Of Effective Team Working

If you are a manager or leader, the chances are that you have been part of teams that work well while others really struggle.

A key difference of those teams that prosper is that the underlying enablers are in place. So what are the key enablers of effective team working?

Enabler 1: Creating right culture

Many organisations talk about really valuing teamwork but the reality is somewhat different. Creating a right culture is about establishing an environment where people who work in teams are recognized, supported and encouraged for their efforts and achievements.

Enabler 2: Align reward structures with team performance

If you are going to enable team working, you need to make sure that the way in which you reward people does not focus on competition and personal gain. The truth is that, if you talk teams but do not translate that into team rewards, you will never encourage team working.

Enabler 3: Encourage teams to find solutions

It is really easy to jump in and solve problems for others. After all, it stops you being held up and gets the problem off our plate. If you encourage teams to find their own solutions, you encourage team working.

Enabler 4: Encourage balanced risk taking

Nothing of any significance is ever achieved without some degree of balanced risk taking. With balanced risk taking comes some risk of failure and you need to be willing to accept that there will be some element of failure.

The Bottom Line

If you want results from teams, you need to enable them to deliver results. So what do you need to do differently to enable better team working?

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