3 Common Challenges when Transitioning To Management

From the outside looking in, management can appear easy. When you are making the transition to management there are 3 common challenges that managers face. What are they and what can you do to overcome them?

Challenge 1: Letting Go

Before you were in a management position, you were probably used to doing a lot on your own. Now you are a manager, you need to be willing to delegate and let go of things. Remember that there was once a time when you could not do all the things you can do now. The only reason you have been successful was because someone was willing to let go and give you a chance to try something new.

Challenge 2: Fear of Being Unpopular

It is natural to want to be liked by everyone. Yet the trouble is you cannot be popular with everyone all of the time. Let go of needing to be popular with everyone and accept whatever decision you take, it will not suit everyone.

Challenge 3: Fear of Making a Decision

If you are a surgeon, a decision that you make in an operating theatre could be life or death. Few management decision fall into that category. Have a bias for taking decisions, recognising that you will get some wrong and most right.

The Bottom Line

Any sort of transition brings challenges. The key is to be willing to embrace these challenges rather than allowing them to keep you stuck.

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