Look at some of the qualities of some of the most successful leaders in your organisation and chances are a high level of personal drive will be one of their main qualities.

Personal drive matters to your results and success for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s your personal drive that turns ideas into action and action into results.
  2. It keeps you going even when times are tough and challenging.
  3. It sets the tone for what you are seeking from others in the organisation.
  4. It enables you to bounce back from disappointments and setbacks.

While personal drive does matter, remember that having a strong personal drive is not about being a nightmare to work with, bullying or destroying people. For me it is about pushing forward with others to deliver great results.

Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements helps accountants and health professionals to become highly effective leaders and managers. You can sign up for his free audio e-course at www.goalsandachievements.co.uk

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