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Being successful as a leader is much more than just acquiring knowledge, skills and experience. While these all matter, what really makes a difference are the personal attributes.

Here are 10 of my key attributes of successful leaders:

  1. An action focus. Talk is cheap but at the end of the day action speaks louder than words.
  2. They make choices. They understand that the results they achieve are a direct consequence of the choices they make. Rather than being passive they make active choices.
  3. They understand the what and the why. Most leaders understand what they want to achieve. The best leaders know what they want to achieve and why they want to achieve it.
  4. They are glass half full people. By that I mean that they have a positive attitude even when the circumstances or situation are challenging.
  5. They don’t see goal setting as a chore but an essential component of delivering results.
  6. They take imperfect action. In other words they don’t hold off waiting for the perfect information or time as they know it never arrives.
  7. They use language that empowers themselves and inspires others as they know ultimately that they need the help and support of others to deliver success.
  8. They invest in themselves as they know that this is the way to stay at the top of their game and unlock their real potential.
  9. They have clarity about what constitutes success for any goal which allows them to measure progress and results effectively.
  10. They understand that sustained success is rarely about luck but as a result of clear, consistent focus.

I wonder what else you would add to the list?

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