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How often have you heard the phrase trotted out “People Are Our Greatest Asset”   Probably numerous instances if you have been in the workplace for any period of time.  While there are some organisations that back the words up with action, the reality is that many fail to get the fact that employees are their greatest asset.

At the same time research consistently shows that engaged employees are more productive, deliver better performance and achieve greater profitability.  So why should leaders and managers look after their employees?

They Are Your Biggest Investment

You would not allow a situation to arise where you had a piece of business critical equipment that you heavily invested in perform sub-optimally.  Yet many leaders and managers do just that.  They spend a fortune every month on the payroll then put up a huge number of blocks to stop people getting better at what they do.

They Make Things Happen

You can have a state of the art building with all the latest equipment and gadgets but if no one does something with it nothing happens.  Never forget it is people that make things happen.

The Best People Hang Around

People want to be part of an organisation that looks after them, especially your high performers.  If you want to retain the best people you have to look after them.

You Reduce Recruitment Costs

If you are having high levels of staff turnover, you are going to have a lot of time and expense in recruiting people.  The less you have to do this the better.

They Will Help You Succeed

When you get people working together in the interests of the organisation everyone succeeds and as they say success breeds more success.

Motivation Is Higher

Motivation is important.  If people just go through the motions and pick up their salary that is really bad news for the organisation.

You Can Recruit The Best

People want to be part of a successful organisation.  If you get a reputation for being people focused you attract the best.

The Bottom Line: You can have the best standards, equipment and processes and still fail to achieve the results you want.  People are what makes the difference so what could you do differently to get the best from them?

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