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The Obvious Mistakes Managers Make

Managing can be a challenge. At the same time there are many obvious things managers could do but quite often don’t do that could make a huge difference to the results they achieve. So are you making any of these obvious mistakes when managing? Duncan Brodie helps accountants achieve more more career success by helping […]

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What Makes The Best Managers Different?

Being promoted to a management role is a significant achievement. For many professional people following a traditional career path, the step up to managing can be a challenge. I guess in many respects that is not that surprising. After all there is a lot less predictability, certainty and everything is not within your control. Yet […]

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What I Learned From My First Boss About Managing

My career in accounting started off in 1980. I was straight out of school and in my first job. Like everyone else I had no idea about being in the workplace. I was lucky enough to have a great boss called Bill who I learned so much from and whose wisdom and advice is just […]

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How To Succeed As A New Manager

For accountants and professional people generally there is a pretty traditional career path.  You perform well as a practitioner, you get identified as an up and coming talent and before you know it you are a manager. So far so good you might think.  The thing is many people, especially accountants and professionals struggle when […]

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Being A More Effective Manager

We all probably associate managing with work.  While it is true that work is the place where we often have the title manager, every one of us is managing all of the time.  We might be, for example: Managing our money so that it does no run out before pay day Deciding how we are […]

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