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Leadership Success: 5 Tips for Growing Your People

We commonly hear that people are seeking challenge in the work place.  Without doubt, your success as a leader you will be greatly influenced by your ability to bring out the best in others.  So as a leader what can you do to grow people? Tip 1: Create the right environment As the leader you […]

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Leadership Success: 5 Tips for Getting Others on Board

You have reached a landmark in your career when you first move into a leadership role.  Chances are that it is something that you have been working towards for a long period of time.  The challenge having reached this landmark in your career is how to achieve long term sustained success. Smart leaders recognise that […]

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Leadership: 5 Ways to Help Survivors During Job Cuts

Many organisations are in a position where they are having to reduce the number of staff that they employ.  Often when there are job cuts the people who continue to be employed also struggle.  Why?  Quite simply they are human.  They: • Care about their colleagues • Worry if they might be next • Worry about how they […]

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Motivating In Difficult Times

A pay freeze or even a pay cut is not unusual in tough economic times.  Given this situation it might seem that it is impossible to motivate people. Yet study after study tells us that money alone is rarely a motivator in the long term.  So what are the alternatives: Praise people regularly Say thank […]

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Setting Meaningful Goals

Much is written about the benefits of setting goals and how they can transform individual and organisational performance.  While it is true that goals can make a real difference, they need to be meaningful.  What do I mean when I say that they need to be meaningful? They need to focus on something that matters […]

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Leadership: Setting Clear Goals

Setting goals is easy, right?  All you have to do is make sure they are SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Results orientated Time limited While SMART goals are an excellent start point, sometimes they are not just enough. The key to setting goals is to define the results once the goal is achieved.  What will people […]

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