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7 Traits Of Leaders With A Coaching Style

There are many different styles that a leader can adopt and one size rarely fits all. So what are the key traits of leaders who adopt a coaching style? They are great listeners. They help others to solve their own problems. They use questions to deepen understanding. They don’t fix everything personally. They encourage balanced […]

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Are You A Leader Or Potential Leader?

I guess if you are reading this blog post, you are either a leader, an aspiring leader or someone with a real interest in leadership. So what questions do you need to think about when determining whether you are a leader or aspiring leader? I am the type of person who makes things happen. I […]

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5 Undesirable Leadership Traits

Lacking self awareness Being a bully Having to be right Letting personal agendas get in the way of results Passing the buck when it all goes wrong What’s would you add as one of your personal favourites?

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5 Key Leadership Traits

Adapting to changing circumstances Bringing out the best in others Taking balanced risks Taking responsibility Giving credit to others What would you add?

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4 Key Qualities of High Performers

People rarely go out to work each morning with the intention of doing a bad job.  The vast majority want to do the best job they can, secure a good pay rise and progress.  So what is it that makes the high performers stand out? Drive The first key quality that high performers have is […]

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6 Essential Leadership Skills

Leaders need to have a range of skills.  I have identified 6 that I regard as essential to leadership success: Change Management Team Buidling Innovation Relationship Building Global Awareness Decisiveness   What would you add to list? Leave a comment and let me know  

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