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How To Perform To Your Potential In Job Interviews

Job interviews are challenging and so they should be. Securing a job interview means you are a step closer to landing that next role. So what can you do to make sure that you perform to your potential? Duncan Brodie helps accountants and professionals achieve more career success. Learn more here

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After Clients Do This They Get More Job Interviews

You want to get to the next level in your career.  You know that the key to getting closer to securing the next step in your career is to get more job interviews.             Here is the reality.  Many people may well understand this.  Yet there is a big difference […]

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How To Be More Successful In Job Interviews

If you reach the point of being invited for interview, you can be pretty sure you have a good chance of getting a job offer, if you perform. Yet many people blow their chances of getting the job before they even walk in the door. In this video I share that big mistake and what […]

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The 5 Golden Rules Of Job Interview Success

Your CV has had the impact that you want and you are invited for interview.  At this stage you are in serious contention for the role.  So what are the 5 golden rules to being successful in the job interview?   Rule 1: Do Your Research   When I was first on the job market […]

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Handling Tricky Job Interview Questions

If you are a professional person who aspires to climb the career ladder you are going to go through the job interview process quite a few times. The best candidates will always prepare thoroughly for a job interview. At the same time switched on recruiters know this and will aim to make the job interview […]

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