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Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can’t You’re Probably Right

You might have heard this statement many times before. In essence what it is saying is that your mind set or belief has a huge impact on the results and success you achieve. When it comes to your career I really believe this is a huge issue. I’ve had the pleasure to work with some […]

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The Benefits of a Career Performance Portfolio

If you are like many accountants or professionals you want to achieve success in your career. Chances are you will have worked hard to get the necessary qualifications. You may have been pretty careful to make sure that you acquired good experience. Yet for some reason you are not making the progress you had hoped […]

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Why You Have To Self Promote

If you’re an accountant or professional, chances are you do great work. No doubt you are do some hardworking, dependable, deadline driven and may even be the person who is relied upon. Yet when it comes to career progression you may well not be moving forward as much as you had hoped. One reason is […]

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